Monday is Back!

And so is the Turkey Stack as our special! Our soups are Potato and Fat Free Vegetable! Call your order in at (336)547-0771 or use one of our delivery services! 

Don’t forget to come say goodbye to Douda! He’s leaving us for good! He’s decided to go home to Senegal! He’s been here for 21 years! The last time he saw his family in person was 13 years ago when he went home to get married! He has suffered the loss of his mother and his sister while here in America and has remained here to be a loyal employee! We have donation buckets set up to help him in his transition from living in America to living in Senegal Africa (Look THAT up!) We will have a final goodbye gathering for him. Keep an eye out for those details! His last day here at Jams will be JUNE 8.