We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls lately regarding the status of the Martinsville Road store. We would like to help with some information. First let us say that we are NOT affiliated with the Martinsville Road location. As some of you know Chris sold that location in June of 2018. We have been operating as separate entities for over a year now. Chris did allow the new owner to keep the JAMS name and keep Operating as it was. (Although he did make a few changes)
As of now, the Martinsville Road location of Jams Deli has Closed down. That is all we know. We do not know if it is permanent or temporary. We DO know that the Friendly Avenue store is still open and ROCKIN!! So come see us!! We will be glad to FEED you!!! We thank you for your Patronage of 31 years so far and we hope that with your continued business , we will see upwards of 50years!!!
Thank you all so much,
Chris and the